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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Singularity is Near eBook editions: far into the future with Ray Kurzweil

  The Singularity is Near is pretty dense.  Not something most people will want to sit down and read in one pass.  In fact I worked on it over a couple of months.  It is hard to really grasp Kurzweil's future.  A future driven by exponential growth in knowledge and computing power.that actually alter the basic tenets of human life.

His future vision is about knowledge explosion, computing, the biological revolution, the nanotechnology revolution and the organization of the human brain. As usual it is a mind blowing collection of great value to those of us who care where the future is taking us.

To grapple with the information contained in this expansion of the human potential over the next four decades takes an open mind and a willingness to accept at least some of what you may not understand.

I know some basic things about nanotech and the biotech revolution. I am as familiar with computing as any person who has participated in the development of that technology for the last forty years. But this book expanded my breadth and depth of knowledge dramatically. It is a heady experience and one well worth living if you like to know where humanity may be headed.

Buy it, borrow it, steal it, (apologies to Ray) but get your hands on it and read this book. It will help you understand the changes that are approaching and help you benefit from them rather than simply being run over by them. They are headed our way and moving at exponential speeds already. We do need to be ready for them.

Here is the publisher's take:

The great inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil is one of the best-known and controversial advocates for the role of machines in the future of humanity.

In his latest, thrilling foray into the future, he envisions an event--the "singularity"--in which technological change becomes so rapid and so profound that our bodies and brains will merge with our machines.

The Singularity Is Near portrays what life will be like after this event--a human-machine civilization where our experiences shift from real reality to virtual reality and where our intelligence becomes nonbiological and trillions of times more powerful than unaided human intelligence. In practical terms, this means that human aging and pollution will be reversed, world hunger will be solved, and our bodies and environment transformed by nanotechnology to overcome the limitations of biology, including death. We will be able to create virtually any physical product just from information, resulting in radical wealth creation.

In addition to outlining these fantastic changes, Kurzweil also considers their social and philosophical ramifications. With its radical but optimistic view of the course of human development, The Singularity Is Near is certain to be one of the most widely discussed and provocative books of 2005. Tags: ebook,e-books,kurzweil,nano technology,ebooks about science

Monday, May 19, 2008

Physics Of The Impossible eBook edition

Henri is the serious science reader in our household.  He just finished this book and highly recommends it.  After this review, I am (almost) tempted to read it.                                      ---Gigi            

Some of the best Science Fiction I have ever read was masquerading   as science fact.

The ultimate discovery of the truth about our universe has always fascinated me. When I was taught Physics, in that high school so long ago, in a galaxy far away.  Newton still largely filled the pages with his view of the universe. Schrodinger’s Cat was a little too hip for that place and time.

Since then I have tried on many occasions to read such deathless tomes as, “Quantum Mechanics For Dummies.” (That book really exists in some universe in the multiverse, I am certain of that fact; just not yet in this one.)

Michio Haku’s new book, “Physics Of The Impossible,” accomplished the almost impossible feat of updating me on the physics of the brave new world of the atomic and subatomic scales. That is a world where natural phenomena are weirder than fiction. The simple fact is the author clarified what is known. He discussed what is not known. He even speculated on what is likely to never be known; in the particular sense that is the purview of the physicist’s theories about our universe and its possible brethren in the multiverse.

The book engaged my ancient curiosity and thoroughly fulfilled its role in defining how the physical world is constructed and the possible limits of human endeavors to control it.

The author divides the world where current knowledge is not quite yet complete into three categories of impossibility. That is a particularly clever device in expostulating about the Quantum world and the Multiverse. Both are places where the impossible happens, often before breakfast.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the author’s clarity on what is known and what is still unknown in an area of science where he has spent a lifetime.

The plot may have been a little thin, but I am used to Science Fiction and can live on plots so thin that the air in them is likely to never stir up a mote of dust.

I recommend this book to the curious or the merely acquisitive; who often need a tabletop book to impress their friends and acquaintances. Even if you don’t ever read this book, buy it. Someone else will eventually read it and it will spread its knowledge and confusion clarifying facts a little further into the human world.

Here is what the publisher says:

A fascinating exploration of the science of the impossible—from death rays and force fields to invisibility cloaks—revealing to what extent such technologies might be achievable decades or millennia into the future.

One hundred years ago, scientists would have said that lasers, televisions, and the atomic bomb were beyond the realm of physical possibility. In Physics of the Impossible, the renowned physicist Michio Kaku explores to what extent the technologies and devices of science fiction that are deemed equally impossible today might well become commonplace in the future.

From teleportation to telekinesis, Kaku uses the world of science fiction to explore the fundamentals—and the limits—of the laws of physics as we know them today. He ranks the impossible technologies by categories—Class I, II, and III, depending on when they might be achieved, within the next century, millennia, or perhaps never. Tags: ebook,e-books,ebook review,physics of the impossible,kaku,ebooks about science

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Practical And Results-Oriented Guide

Best single source of information on this subject I've seen. I own and sell items related to Solar Power and other forms of Renewable Energy. I read this book and use it as reference when people approach me about using Renewable Energy. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in protecting our environment, self-sufficient living or simply saving money through an efficient lifestyle.

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A Viewer From Seattle, WA USA

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Great Minds Think Alike...


'Uncertainty' by David Lindley. It is unlikely that any three decades in human history witnessed as great a degree of fundamental and revolutionary change in our scientific understanding of the world than those from 1900 to 1930. David Lindley introduces us to the giants who made this revolution - Heisenberg and Einstein, of course, but also Niels Bohr, Wolfgang Pauli, Arnold Sommerfeld, Erwin Schrodinger, Paul Dirac, Hendrik Kramers, and Max Born. Lindley's approach more or less traces the chronological history of the events leading to quantum physics and Heisenberg's formal statements of the ultimate uncertainty of measurement at the atomic level. I recommend this book to anyone who is making their first forays into this area and wants to learn how these ideas were conceived and developed.

'Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body' by Neil Shubin. This is the most enjoyable book I've read on evolution since Gould's fine Wonderful Life. Shubin starts with the search for a link between fish and land animals that took him to the Canadian Arctic and culminated in the discovery of Tiktaalik--a fish with a flattened head and flippers that made it look rather like a very primitive alligator in ways. This eBook left me with a deep appreciation for the wonder of the modern human body. Great information for the casual reader! Be sure to use the Coupon Code below for a Discount on either of these two eBooks!

Uncertainty (Mobipocket) eBook edition by Lindley, David
In 1927, the young German physicist Werner Heisenberg challenged centuries of scientific understanding when he introduced what came to be known as “the uncertainty principle.” Building on his own radical innovations in quantum theory, Heisenberg proved that in many physical measurements, you can obtain one bit of information only at the price of losing another.
More Info

Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body (Mobipocket) eBook edition by Shubin, Neil
Why do we look the way we do? What does the human hand have in common with the wing of a fly? Are breasts, sweat glands, and scales connected in some way? To better understand the inner workings of our bodies and to trace the origins of many of today's most common diseases, we have to turn to unexpected sources: worms, flies, and even fish.
More Info

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Very eye opening and impressive!

Very eye opening and impressive! I am an avid ufologist and have always found bits and pieces of what I knew to be a much bigger picture. This series "connects the dots" and takes you on a fascinating and intimate journey of personal experiences, revelations and provides answers to some long-standing questions. Thank you, Mr. Peniel!                                                       A viewer:   Seattle, WA USA

Friday, January 11, 2008

Whole New Meaning To: iRobot!


'Love and Sex with Robots' by David Levy. The eBook is filled with odd but plausible devices such as robot vaginas and robotic penis strokers that will have capabilities far beyond any human's. A robotic partner and lover will always be the perfect mate and will never get bored or inattentive. Whether the future envisioned is ultimately for good or bad, it seems inevitable that some day the things imagined by Levy will happen. Unfortunately, humans have a tragic history of using technology for evil as much as good.

'iPod & iTunes For Dummies, 2nd Edition' by Cheryl Rhodes, Tony Bove. This reference eBook is very informative and answers most questions you might have about the subject. After receiving an iPod as a gift and being electronically challenged because this was my first iPod. I bought this eBook and found it easy to understand and now I'm the Master with my iGadgets, in less than ½ the time it would have taken me. Use the Coupon Code Below to receive a Discount on either of these Two eBook Titles.

Love and Sex with Robots by Levy, David
Love, marriage, and sex with robots? Not in a million years? Maybe a whole lot sooner.From a leading expert in artificial intelligence comes an eye-opening, superbly argued book that explores a new level of human intimacy and relationship
More Info

iPod & iTunes For Dummies, 2nd Edition (Mobipocket) eBook edition by Bove, Tony / Rhodes, Cheryl
The iPod, Apple's breakthrough MP3 music player, boasts a contact list, calendar, alarm clock, notes reader, and a handful of games In its first year, iTunes has sold more than 70 million songs; since hitting the market in November 2001, the iPod has sold more than 3 million units This updated edition covers cool new third-party accessories, new iTunes features, iPod functions, troubleshooting, and more
More Info

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Technology And Scary Technology


'Lab 257' by Michael C. Carroll. This eBook presents a compelling circumstantial case that we must be ever mindful of the research being conducted around us. The photographs, government documents, news, and personal accounts of the operations of Plum Island reveal our hubris after WWII in believing we could control Mother Nature and the drastic consequences that hubris can cause. While I am not sure that one can prove the origin of Lyme disease, there are compelling arguments laid out for lab failures, poor maintenance, and potential contamination of the surrounding environment as a result. Pretty Deep Stuff, I know but I recommend this eBook.

'I Liked Your Profile' by Scott Davies. This book was an unexpected surprise! It was so refreshing to find a gay writing that was not all about sex or the usual topics, and actually had a story to go with it. After the end of his long term relationship, which shockingly lasted more than a decade, I Liked Your Profile - Experiences in Gay Online Dating tells the story of a thirty-something man's attempt to find a new relationship using online dating services. For being penned by a non-professional author, I found the book to be generally well written. Get the Coupon Code below to receive a Discount on either of these two eBook Titles.

Lab 257 eBook edition by Carroll, Michael C.
Strictly off limits to the public, Plum Island is home to virginal beaches, cliffs, forests, ponds -- and the deadliest germs that have ever roamed the planet. Lab 257 blows the lid off the stunning true nature and checkered history of Plum Island. It shows that the seemingly bucolic island in the shadow of New York City is a ticking biological time bomb that none of us can safely ignore.
More Info

I LIKED YOUR PROFILE (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Davies, Scott W.
I Liked Your Profile: Experiences In Gay Online Dating is a brutally honest look into one man's four-year journey through online dating. I Liked Your Profile exposes a number of patterns and behaviors to be aware of when corresponding with people online. The stories are funny, bizarre, sad, and even frightening. Not only does I Liked Your Profile reveal many of the dysfunctions in the world of gay online dating, but also takes an unapologetic look at the gay community as a whole.
More Info

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Study Where To Study.... uh?


'Students' Guide to Colleges:'by Jordan Goldman, Colleen Buyers. I think it's really indicative of what makes this book great. There's just tons of new ideas in it, things you won't find in any other guide, and you can really tell the makers put a lot of time and thought into figure out how to make this whole college search process easier. It is just as (if not more) informative as the other guides - but then it's also fun to read, and tells you what the other guides don't, like "What would a prospective student not see on a campus tour", and "what wouldn't an admissions officer tell a prospective college student." I can't recommend this book enough!! I have a ton of friends and relatives who I have recommended this book to and they thank me all the time! That's my kind of eBook.

'MCAT Physics' by Garrett Biehle. The MCAT Physics Book is a wonderful tool in helping prospective medical students achieve high scores on the Physical Sciences section of the MCAT. The thoroughness of the topics covered and the quality of the questions make this book very valuable. Buy this book early and give yourself time to work through it -- you will end up feeling very comfortable in the physical sciences test. I wish the author would write a similar book for every other MCAT subject, but I guess we can't get everything that we want! Get the Coupon Code below to receive a Discount on either of these two eBook Titles.

Students' Guide to Colleges: The Definitive Guide to America's Top 100 Schools Written by the Real Experts--The Students Who Attend Them (Microsoft Re by Goldman, Jordan,, Buyers, Colleen,
College guides are a must for any teenager trying to choose the right school. Unfortunately, most guidebooks are vague, boring tomes written by administrators and journalists, instead of the real experts—the college students that actually go there. Students' Guide to Colleges is different. Entirely student-written and edited, this invaluable resource cuts through the cant with comprehensive listings of the vital statistics and requirements for America's top 100 schools accompanied by three totally honest, fresh, fun-to-read descriptions penned by attending undergrads from different walks of life. Want to know how big classes really are? How rigorous the academics get?
More Info

MCAT PHYSICS BK (Adobe Reader) by Biehle, Garrett,
Comprehensive, Rigorous Prep for MCAT Physics The MCAT Physics Book offers the most comprehensive and rigorous analysis of MCAT physics available. Including 49 MCAT-style passages with 500 MCAT-style practice problems and detailed solutions to all problems.
More Info

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Books And Titles... Oh My!


With a title like Love and Sex with Robots how could you not be curious! I am happy to report that the books is almost as good as the title.

For those more seriously minded, here is a fabulous reference book on telecom and related technologyies. This is a great reference work to carry around on your PDA as you go up on those mountaintops and scale those towers . . . OK, I'm kidding about the tower part

If these books aren't what you are looking for, check out our eBooks About Science, eBooks about Tech or eBooks about Computers: You'll be sure to find something you have to have.

Love and Sex with Robots eBook edition by Levy, David
Love, marriage, and sex with robots? Not in a million years? Maybe a whole lot sooner.From a leading expert in artificial intelligence comes an eye-opening, superbly argued book that explores a new level of human intimacy and relationsh
More Info

Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Horak, Ray
This book will provide a comprehensive survey of telecommunications technologies and services, at a reasonable level of technical depth in the entries, and in the author's unique plain-English, commonsense style. Coverage will be comprehensive for international wired and wireless telecommunications, not covered in the major competition. Includes information about: Power Line Carrier (PLC), Broad over Power Line (BPL), Passive Optical Network (PON), 802.11g, 802.16 & WiMAX, Fiber Optics, Storage Area Networks (SANs), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), CATV Networks, Wireless Cellular, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) vs. H.323 (international), Regulation & Convergence. Divestiture and Revestiture, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A-worldwide)
More Info

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Math You Can REALLY Use


'Everyday Math Demystified' I haven't studied math in many years, and I wanted to freshen up my skills. I was never a math wiz, but I am certainly competent at the basics. When you get beyond the basics, my brain starts hurting a bit. This eBook made my brain hurt. The Title is deceiving. "This is everyday math?!" The information in this book is presented so badly that you pretty much need to be a mathematician to read it (in which case you probably do not need this book). I rarely write negative things in my blogs but this has to be said! With that said I am going to recommend 'Math You Can Really Use - Every Day.' By David Alan Herzog. This is a handy little book on the basics of rounding, rational, irrational, prime numbers and equivalent fractions. Some important geometry is explained for the layperson. The book is an excellent purchase for the layperson or student of business math or elementary algebra. Be sure to check below for the coupon code for a discount on these two eBooks.

Math You Can Really Use--Every Day (Adobe Reader) by Herzog, David Alan
Math You Can Really Use—Every Day skips mind-numbing theory and tiresome drills and gets right down to basic math that helps you do real-world stuff like figuring how much to tip, getting the best deals shopping, computing your gas mileage, and more. This is not your typical, dry math textbook. With a comfortable, easygoing approach, it: Covers math you'll need for balancing your checkbook, choosing or managing credit cards, comparing options for mortgages, insurance, and investments, and more Includes the basics on fractions, decimals, percentages, measurements, and geometric math Clues you in on simple shortcuts Includes examples plus pop quizzes with answers to help you solidify your understanding Features tear-out guides you can take with you for tipping and converting measurements Want to know how much 20% off is in dollars and cents? Want to figure out how much gas is going to cost for your road trip? This is the math book you'll really use!
More Info

Everyday Math Demystified (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Gibilisco, Stan
IT ALL ADDS UP: A GREAT NEW METHOD FOR LEARNING REAL-WORLD MATH Now anyone with an interest in the math of daily life can gain a deeper understanding. Everyday Math Demystified provides an effective, fun, and totally painless way to improve your understanding and mastery of the math you find in newspapers, on TV, at the bank or store, on vacation, in school -- and just about everywhere.
More Info

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