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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Math You Can REALLY Use


'Everyday Math Demystified' I haven't studied math in many years, and I wanted to freshen up my skills. I was never a math wiz, but I am certainly competent at the basics. When you get beyond the basics, my brain starts hurting a bit. This eBook made my brain hurt. The Title is deceiving. "This is everyday math?!" The information in this book is presented so badly that you pretty much need to be a mathematician to read it (in which case you probably do not need this book). I rarely write negative things in my blogs but this has to be said! With that said I am going to recommend 'Math You Can Really Use - Every Day.' By David Alan Herzog. This is a handy little book on the basics of rounding, rational, irrational, prime numbers and equivalent fractions. Some important geometry is explained for the layperson. The book is an excellent purchase for the layperson or student of business math or elementary algebra. Be sure to check below for the coupon code for a discount on these two eBooks.

Math You Can Really Use--Every Day (Adobe Reader) by Herzog, David Alan
Math You Can Really Use—Every Day skips mind-numbing theory and tiresome drills and gets right down to basic math that helps you do real-world stuff like figuring how much to tip, getting the best deals shopping, computing your gas mileage, and more. This is not your typical, dry math textbook. With a comfortable, easygoing approach, it: Covers math you'll need for balancing your checkbook, choosing or managing credit cards, comparing options for mortgages, insurance, and investments, and more Includes the basics on fractions, decimals, percentages, measurements, and geometric math Clues you in on simple shortcuts Includes examples plus pop quizzes with answers to help you solidify your understanding Features tear-out guides you can take with you for tipping and converting measurements Want to know how much 20% off is in dollars and cents? Want to figure out how much gas is going to cost for your road trip? This is the math book you'll really use!
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Everyday Math Demystified (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Gibilisco, Stan
IT ALL ADDS UP: A GREAT NEW METHOD FOR LEARNING REAL-WORLD MATH Now anyone with an interest in the math of daily life can gain a deeper understanding. Everyday Math Demystified provides an effective, fun, and totally painless way to improve your understanding and mastery of the math you find in newspapers, on TV, at the bank or store, on vacation, in school -- and just about everywhere.
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